Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

 Business strategy:

With the in-depth knowledge of our consultant, we can assist you in developing right strategy that helps you in capturing value from your business. We can use cutting edge management tools and frameworks along with knowledge of doing business with China to frame right strategy.

Vendor selection:

We can help you identify the right vendor for your product. We start with understanding your needs. Our comprehensive selection process ensures that the vendor has right technology, infrastructure, quality system and financial stability to meet your needs. Once the vendor is selected, we continue to work with them to do the product audits and ensure timely delivery.


We are with you to negotiate the best price and other contractual terms and conditions. If you prefer, we can negotiate on your behalf without you needing to travel to China.

Logistics Support:

Starting from pre- dispatch audits, custom approvals, shipping arrangements to making sure the container leaves on time, we can support you on all the steps.

Legal Services:

We have our local lawyers in China who take care of your interests. If you need any legal support for opening your company/legal entity, drafting contracts, resolving disputes, we can provide you all the required support. 

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